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Summer Dream

Short film; 2020; Brazil.

Gabriel is a young ballet dancer who wants to earn his father's respect and admiration. To achieve this, he will need the power of dance and the magic of dreams.

Writer and Director:

Luan Dias


Flávio Fonseca and Luan Dias

Chascona Films and ArtMil produções


Urbanworld; New York, US

San Francisco Latino Film festival; San Francisco, US

Official Latino Film and Arts Festival - California, US (Winner - Best International Short Film)

Aladerri International Film Festival; Chicago, US

Zaragoza International Film Festival; Zaragoza, Spain

Cine del Mar; Punta del Este, Uruguay (winner - Best International Short Film)

Curta Cinema; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

São Paulo International Short Film Festival (Kinoforum); São Paulo, Brazil

Cine PE; Recife, Brazil

Buenos Aires International Film Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cine Favela LGBTQIA+, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Winner - SescTv television licensing)

Cinema Brazil Grand Prize 2022 (1st round)

Buenos Aires Indie Shorts Awards; Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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